The importance of AugustinFresnel ‘s contribution to the wave light theory has certainly been a bit shaded by his... read more

Deck prism

The association of word Deck + Prism is self-explanatory. One can easily imagine a prism going through a boat wooden deck to... read more

Luxfer and co

As we saw in a previous post, the introduction of prism to redirect explicitly the sunlight into a basement was the big move... read more

Vault Light

In the post “Deck + Prism”, we scratched the surface of a subject also referred to as “Vault light”that requires... read more

Sci-fi Glass

SF directors have already long understood how to use artificial lighting, in unusual and unnatural ways, to place their... read more

Beyond Transparency

If glass remains a major component of contemporary architecture, the work with the material itself has lost ground …... read more


The windows of the medieval castle were limited by the glass size production of the time but there were also reduced to... read more


A building “envelop” is, before all, an interface between inside and outside. It acts as a protection from the natural... read more

Curved gems

In a previous post “crystalline architecture”, we considered the symbolic of the gem in the use of glass in architecture... read more

Capiton 3: Eddies

Phase 3 of the Capiton research was geared toward fabrication. Our goal was to make at least some samples and even better an... read more

Capiton 2

Capiton 2 is the continuation of the work started in Capiton 1. With Minh Man Nguyen assisted by Ludovic Haensen, we decided... read more

Capiton 1

A quick survey of realized “formed glass” projects shows a wide range of scale of deformation. Depending of the... read more

Shading/Light Model

This post is a follow up of the post Shading and Light grid, presenting the fabrication of model of the light grid system.... read more

Lighting grid

Shading in buildings has become an unavoidable topic. On one side, light is needed and looked for and buildings tend to be... read more

Dropping smoothness

This post is a summary of a paper written with Mathieu Huard and Micheal Eigensatz from Evolute presented at AAG 2014 at UCL... read more

Death ray

In 212 BC during the siege of Syracuse, Archimedes is known to have constructed a “burning glass” to set the Roman... read more


Gigantic, borderless, inflated, oversized, when dealing with space in Science Fiction movies, it is difficult not to flirt... read more